2011 Player of The Year



Leader: Matt Mattare
Points: 24.0
Matt Mattare
Brian Johnson
Jeff Hudson
Evan Notaro
Jim Rattigan



Leader: Ed Kluemper
Points: 38.0
Ed Kluemper
Dominic Carr
Tom Lusto
Geoff Jones
Dave Derminio



No standings, season has yet to begin!


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Welcome to the Golf Association of the Lehigh Valley Foundation Website

The Golf Association of the Lehigh Valley website в www.galvgolf.com в has been updated for the beginning of the 2014 season. The website has information about Golf Association of the Lehigh Valley tournaments and junior golf tournaments, Lehigh Valley Player of the Year information and standings, womenвs golf, Lehigh Valley Golf Hall of Fame, and a statistical history of local amateur golf. The website will be continuously updated.

Online Registration

Online registration for Golf Association of the Lehigh Valley tournaments has opened for the 2014 season.

The tournament registration website в www.golfgalv.com в hosted by the nationally-known Blue Golf system, features on-line registration for adult and junior golf tournaments, starting time information, tournament information, electronic scoring, and tournament statistics.

Participants should register for tournaments through the Blue Golf system.